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ADVA by Sudha Gupta, Aesthetic Surgery and Birthing Centre

Location: 34, Uday Park, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi-110049
Telephone: +91-9654000066, +91 11 4567 2700

About a decade ago, modern healthcare delivery industry was taken over by big general hospitals, which have been multiplying ever since, providing treatment in all the disciplines available; however, the personalized care for the patients kept reducing with the passage of each day. Today all huge hospitals owned by private conglomerate claim to provide the best possible treatment yet the patients feel lost in their huge premises as the personal touch and empathy have been replaced by dummy smiles and Pseudo-professionalism.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Mother’s Pride, Presidium chain of school & most sought-after parenting expert, was probably the first to realize the need of a chain of super-speciality healthcare centres exclusively for women, which are very unlike the present day hospitals. A place, where all the beauty and gynaecology related requirements of a woman could be addressed under one roof; without losing the warmth, personal care, empathy and emotional support deserved by sacred womanhood. Thus the foundation of Adiva was laid down by Mrs. Gupta a couple of years ago. Her dream was transformed into reality by Mr. G.S. Matharoo, a visionary having a vast experience in administration and finance, who currently heads Adiva as Chief Executive Officer.

ADVA by Sudha Gupta

Adiva, today, is a unique chain of hospitals, which knows the value of personalized care despite being a corporate entity. We celebrate womanhood as we believe: “Womanhood is special.” To give birth is one of the most defining moments of womanhood; however, there are those who are deprived of this gratification due to some or the other reason. Adiva IVF & Speciality Birthing Centre was established at the heart of south Delhi, i.e., 15, Anand lok, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi, to help those very couples. Our IVF unit is made as per the European Standards, confirming the ICMR guidelines and probably the only centre in North India having Modular state-of-the-art IVF Lab and two OTs especially fitted with top-end equipment to address all gynaecological issues. Our centre specializes in handling the most difficult cases pertaining to Gynaecology, be it Ectopic Pregnancy or Single Port Minimal Access Surgeries like TLH, Myomectomy etc.

We believe that Indian women are most beautiful in the world and we just help them make most of it. Therefore we commenced our Aesthetic Centre at 34, Uday Park, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi, which provides all kind of surgical and non-surgical solutions to make women more attractive.

Overwhelmed with the response, we are expanding by opening 5 new facilities, which includes our largest project, a 250 bedded hospital at Indirapuram, a 45 bedded hospital at New Friends Colony, 40 bedded hospital at Rajouri Garden, a 30 bedded hospital in Anand Vihar and a 40 bedded hospital at Ashok Vihar.

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